Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Animation + Conclusion.

So, the link above is a HEAVILY compressed version of the original file.

4.3 GB downscaled to a measly 32 MB. Why? It had to be quicktime, and I was having SO much trouble and spending SO much time trying to find a nice balance between quality and filesize.

Unfortunately, nothing compared to the final in the end. Even though I had to render it in standard resolution, which was quite a shame as I had optimized the textures and lighting for HD playback, which is based on the development of Crysis / Fable 3 (the look of which we were going for,) high res textures, looking awesome, with low poly models.

It really is a shame, really. It's obviously too late to do this now, but the animation is also quite bad, I'm not pointing any fingers there, but long story short I should have corrected it, but I rushed the render to try and get it finished on time, and still managed to overrun slightly.

So, how's this experience been?

Fairly good. I enjoyed working with everyone on the team even though at certain points the workmode just died completely, even in times of desperation work wasn't getting done, leaving me to get more work done. At least I know now, there's no way in hell, that I'm EVER





going to leave a project like this till the last couple days again. It takes far too long to make sure everything is perfect, especially when you're working in a group.

For future reference Mr.Litchmore, be more boss, be less friend, otherwise, nothing get's done and you get the blame.

All in all, I hope we get a decent grade.

Bring on the next project :D

Some fairly HQ stills to show.

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